Conference on Cognitive Analytics Management 2018

Cognitive Analytics Management: Digital Disruption for Innovative Shared Values

is a new interdisciplinary field. It integrates concepts from artificial intelligence, business analytics, cognitive and behavioral science, big data analytics, data engineering, data science, information systems, operations research and management. It accelerates the digital transformation of every industry and every organization, disrupts traditional thinking and reinvents business models for boosting productivity and innovation, enhancing competitive advantage, creating shared values to stakeholders for the sustainable development of our society and the world. 


  • To bring awareness about new development in CAM theories, models, and tools.
  • To bring together top academics, scholars, professionals and other interested groups to share experiences on the digital disruption best practices and real impact on public and private sectors.
  • To connect regional and expatriate researchers, practitioners and partners, with technology companies and pioneer the launching of an International CAM network to accelerate digital transformation impact and unlock its potential benefits.
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$ 150 for all other academic presenters and attendees